Italian Cooking at Home Made Easy

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Be a master of authentic traditional Italian cuisine at home with Cibo! ready-to-cook products

With movement restrictions being enforced everywhere these days, being able to cook, and to cook well, is becoming essential. Because pandemic or not, we still have to eat, and whenever possible, we need to eat well. Fortunately, adversity is one of the main ingredients for innovation. Even more fortunately, not being able to cook well is no longer means you can’t eat well at home.

Our philosophy at Cibo! has always been making high-quality, authentic Italian delicacies accessible for everyone. Before, it was about giving a memorable Italian dining experience at our social space in Canggu that is not going to break your bank even if you dine out at Cibo! several times a week. And now, in the age of social distancing, with dining out quickly becoming a leisure activity that must be done with mindfulness and social responsibility, we came up with a way for you to still enjoy delicious, high-quality, authentic Italian delicacies at home too.

Cibo’s pastry products – such as our focaccia (which come in three different variations: cherry tomato and thyme, onion and rosemary and sea salt), bomboloni, croissant, baguette, hand-stretch grissini, chocolate Danish and many more – have always been available for you to take home or for us to deliver them to you. Each piece is freshly baked daily at our kitchen. Should you want to create a special birthday cake, we can always make it for you too. Let your imagination go the distance and we’ll bake it into a delicious cake.

Now, we have made our pasta products available for you to cook at home too. Will it be difficult? Not at all. We have designed the packaging and preparation for Cibo ready-to-cook food products so that anyone – from a novice cook with questionable skills to experienced home cooks and professional chefs – can prepare their favourite handcrafted Italian pasta dish at home and have their cooking taste as delicious as if it’s cooked by Chef Diego Martinelli himself.

There are more than ten authentic and handcrafted Italian pasta variations to choose from such as tagliolini, tagliatelle, pappardelle, maltagliati, maccheroni, tortellini Modenesi with pork, tortelloni with pumpkin, ravioli ricotta, spinach and a hint of lemon, ravioli beef cheek, potato gnocchi, tagliatelle spinach, tagliatelle beetroot and also two choices of lasagne (Bolognese and vegetarian).

What about the sauce you ask? We have the traditional Italian sauces taken care of for you too! And if you are in the mood for a spot of aperitif after your fancy dinner (which you cook yourself!) at home too, you can order a bottle of Cibo’s signature limoncello to be delivered to you.

The only thing you have to do is to reheat the pasta products in boiling water.

Not sure which pasta is going to work for your lunch or dinner at home? And still not sure about preparing it in boiling water too? Feel free to come by our restaurant in Canggu and Chef Diego will be happy to talk you through it.

Feeling confident and adventurous with your traditional Italian cooking skills now and ready to experiment? We invite you to talk to Chef Diego about your ideas. He’ll create a special pasta or a special sauce only for you.

Call or WhatsApp 0812-3671-5490 for more info.


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