In the heart of Cibo’s! outside dining area we have an olive tree and throughout history, the olive tree has been seen as almost holy – a symbol of peace, victory and the endurance of life itself, sparking feelings of harmony, vitality and health.

At Cibo! nearly every dish we make here is cooked in or includes olive oil, even the desserts! From
cooking the pasta to baking the bread it just proves what an essential for every day, healthy and
good quality cooking.
People around the world consume 2.25 million litres of olive oil each year. Italy is the second largest
producer of olive oil and the ingredient is considered an essential in Italian food, some of the same
groves and estates of Italy have been producing olive oil for hundreds of years, appreciated
throughout the entire world. The Italian cuisine is famous around the world for its richness and
diversity, sourcing only the best quality ingredients to complement each dish.

Olive oil is a much healthier option, and has a more delicate flavour compared to the regular
vegetable oils as they have minerals within and include vitamins – A, E, K and B. There are many
types of olives and they come in a wide range of sizes, colours, flavours and curing methods, making
them a great addition to the antipasto board. However, the olive flower is white and only flowers
after four years, the first harvest can be expected after 15 years!
Fun facts about this green, gorgeous oil that you may not already know:
 Storing mackerel, sardines and anchovies in olive oil maintains the omega 3 oils contained
within the fish.
 To obtain 1 litre of virgin-extra olive oil you need an average of 5 to 6 kg of olives


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